I’m currently integrating FMOD into our game production tool and I have to say that I’m really amazed by its capabilities.
During my tests I place one sound spot and one sound listener and log their 3D position.
To retrieve a reference on the FMOD::Event, I use EventGroup::getEvent and then store these references into a map.
I use this map to ensure that I will update each individual instances that could be hidden by an event pool.
Am I right about this approach ?
During the tests I attach the listener to the main camera so that its position gets updated frequently.
When I move the camera to modify the event min/max distance I notice a strange behavior of the sound.
The sound seems to have an echo, just as if several instances of the sound were played at the same time.
Logging the played channels info only shows one instance of event.
Thanks for your help.

Best regards


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