[b:5fsogeve]Detailed description:[/b:5fsogeve]
In many cases, this is caused when NaN values are being passed into FMOD.
This issue will be visible in FMOD::ChannelRealManual3D::set2DFreqVolumePanFor3D in the callstack.

[b:5fsogeve]Solution 1:[/b:5fsogeve]
1. Run through the game using the ‘fmodexL’ version of the library, checking for FMOD_ERR_INVALID_FLOAT and FMOD_ERR_INVALID_VECTOR errors only present when using that library.
The normal release version of the fmodex library does not include all of the error checks built into the fmodexL version, so as to reduce overhead. However, these extra checks can sometimes be useful when identifying the details and extent of this kind of error.

(No known example, tutorial or documentation exists for this issue.)

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