OK. Here’s what I’ve got so far.
1. Lcc-win32 installed.
2. fmod.h, fmod_errors.h, fmoddyn.h and wincompat.h into lcc\include\
3. fmodlcc.lib into lcc\lib. I also took the liberty to throw the rest of the lib folder in there too, just incase.
4. Open "Simplest" example (or any, we’ll use that as the example.)
5. Added fmodlcc.lib to LIBS list.
6. Stick fmod.dll into source.
7. Compile.

The warnings in the compiler are of the "Missing prototype for ‘FSOUND_GetVersion’" variety, repeating for each Fmod command that’s used in the program.

It still compiles.
Then I try running, and it gives the error "Entry Point Not Found"
"The procedure entry point FSOUND_GetChannelsPlaying could not be located in the dynamic link library fmod.dll."

So.. Thoughts?
Now, go nice and slow, and [b:1z424ghp]describe[/b:1z424ghp] the things that I should be checking for.
If someone says "Oh, yeah, that’s the linker, try linking it" or something like that, I won’t have a clue what you’re on about.

My guess is it’s probably to do with the Makefile. I couldn’t actually find on in the fmodapi375win archive anywhere, so that’s probably what it is..
Here’s what I have at the moment.

Wedit Makefile for project test

TARGET := $(shell basename $(CURDIR))
LIBS=fmodlcc.lib opengl32.lib glu32.lib glaux.lib

$(EXE): $(OBJS) Makefile
$(LINKER) -subsystem windows -o $(SRCDIR)/$(EXE) $(OBJS) $(LIBS)

Build TARGET.c


source.obj: $(TARGET_C) $(SRCDIR)/source.c
$(CC) -c $(CFLAGS) $(SRCDIR)/source.c

$(LINKER) -subsystem windows -o $(SRCDIR)/$(EXE) $(OBJS) $(LIBS)

$(DELFILE) source.obj

If there’s anything apparent there, let me know. Otherwise.. .. Um.. Let me know anyway!

Thanks all.

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22 views, no replies.. I’ll assume you’re all as baffled as I am.

No matter..
I scrapped the whole "finally getting to grips with C" plan, and have settled back into Blitz.
OK, so the compiled exe’s might be 4*bigger than they should be, and I can’t get "Super-Duper-Speed".. But when I can make games like [url=http://jayenkai.socoder.net/?p=47:3950zurz]Blockman[/url:3950zurz] and [url=http://jayenkai.socoder.net/?p=45:3950zurz]Centipong[/url:3950zurz] within the space of a few weeks, It probably isn’t that bad an idea.

Thanks anyway.

Off to make more Alien-Breed-alike.

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