I read the following [url=http://www.fmod.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4514&highlight=multichannel+linux:3l43miks]Thread[/url:3l43miks]
You mentioned that Multichannel Support on ALSA Backend will be fixed. So i give the actual Stable Branch a retry.
Testing with example didn’t work. (Of cause OSS is still prefered on fmod)
So i wrote a little routine which gets all cards and all devices.
Than i get the Caps of the device.
To set up a flag i used the following statement:
entry.MultiChannel=caps && FMOD_CAPS_OUTPUT_MULTICHANNEL;
Result is:
none of my ALSA devices (even not surround51) this flag is set.
if i use nosound –> this flag is set.
So how is the status of multichannel on linux ?
Btw guys OpenAL is opensource why isn’t it supported under linux as backend?

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Multichannel output is currently working and supported on Linux, I just did a quick test to make sure nothing was broken and it is all fine. You need to make sure you specify one of the surround devices for output though (which you should be able to see by getting the names of the devices with getDriverInfo()).

As for the caps for multichannel, we don’t currently support getDriverCaps for ALSA or OSS on Linux. This is probably due to the difficulty of getting accurate information from the drivers on a Linux machine, so all your queries will result in false.

OpenAL is currently only supported on Windows, I have not experimented with running it on Linux, but at the moment our OpenAL implementation is still in its early stages without much real game testing. Porting it to Linux at this stage would be premature.

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