Hi There, nearing the end of my project and well i have to add reverb in to a channel – however i’m finding it difficult – i though it would be as simple as say channel4->reveb(value i want); but it comes up like:

channel4->setReverbProperties(const….) not too sure what to put in there to have reverb working. all i want is subtle reverb effect on the music.

if anyone can help – it would be great :)


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If you want to add reverb to a specific channel, you’ll want to create a reverb DSP and attach it to the channel.

Here’s the general idea of what you’ll want to do:
pSystem->createDSPByType(FMOD_DSP_TYPE_REVERB, &pDSP);
// Other setparams...
FMOD::DSPConnection * pDSPConnection;
pChannel->addDSP(pDSP, &pDSPConnection);
(or you can use FMOD_DSP_TYPE_SFXREVERB, which is a more complex, but more CPU-intensive reverb.)

You could also set the system reverb, but then you’d have to go in and set the reverb send for every channel that you [i:4983cddu]don’t[/i:4983cddu] want to have reverb.

Hope that helps!

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