I stumbled across FMOD when trying to find some libraries to playback MODs using MASM32. Now since version 3.62 (i think) the MASM include and library files are not supplied anymore. I dont think it would be so "annoying to maintain", as stated in some other post by the dev, if one would use some simple tools to do the job (it IS annoying if doing most of it by hand :P).

Anyway, so I created the library and include files for the use with FMOD version 3.75. In the course I also wrote some kind of tutorial on how to create library and include files for MASM if one only has the dll (or for any other API for that matter).

Constructive critique is welcome, flame mail aint.

You may NOT modify or upload the archive in any way, though you may use the files in your projects as you see fit (remember, FMOD licensing is not affected by this – check the FMOD licensing pages for more info).

Edit: I updated my website and moved the tutorials – its a series of 3 tutorials, the last one including the library and include files:


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