I have been going through the slideshows with Fmod Designer and am still left with the question, how do I implement all this audio into a game??

I am just a lone guy looking to learn how to use Fmod and I have no idea what I’m doing. Any help about how to start would be greatly appreciated.
Sorry for the general plea of help but I am completely confused from the beginning.
Also is there a website to get games that I could use with Fmod?

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Bfinger :

As a sound designer with no programming ability, my advice to you is find a programmer who is looking for a sound designer, and work together. The other side of designer is the Fmod API, which your programmer uses with their game code, to allow you to design sounds for the game using designer.

If you’re talking about using fmod designer with existing games, I’m afraid you’ve been misinformed as to what fmod is for – that’s not possible.

As for the best way to learn how to use fmod – start by reading the fmod designer pdf document that comes with the program. Yes, all of it – cover to cover. Then try some of the samples with the tutorial files, then you’ll start to get the picture a little more.

If you still have questions after that, feel free to come ask them here, I’ve found the people from fmod are extremely helpful and generally answer questions (good ones) within a few days.

Hope this helps.


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