Hi all

Can we generate .wav files using FMOD designer.

Im using FMOD 3 for my pocket PC application. I need to
generate some pure tones and they should be saved as
wav format. Those files will be played by the application.

Can I use FMO designer to create those wav format files?
They should have a specified frequancy and dB level

Thanx in advance for your ideas

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You can:

Create a new project
Go to Sound definitions (F4) – Click right mouse button on the left side of the screen – Add empty sound definition
"Add oscillator" (again, right mousebutton on your sound def.) and choose type and frequency
Go to Events (F2), double click the empty event or create a new
"Add sound" (right mb in the empty lane) and choose your sound
Edit the parameter properties (right mb on the parameter lane) and change velocity from 0 to 1.
Edit length and gain on the sound using the editor
Enter "Record mode"
(in the Edit menu, use "set rec directory) to set where the files ends up.

Now every time you play a sound, you get a new wave file.

Hope that makes enough sense to get you started. :)


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Thank you soo much Christian!!

I got it done..

But still got a problem on how to set the
required dB levels..

I need to have a set of wav files which has dB levels 30dB-80dB
with 5dB steps(30, 35,40……,80).

The FMOD designer provides -60dB-0dB levels to set on my sound instance. Can I get to know the dB weighting provided in the FMOD designer.


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Cool. :) I would do that afterwards, export to 0db and then use any wave editor. I think for example Audacity should do it, haven’t tried it but it’s free: http://audacity.sourceforge.net/

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