Im trying to create a shoutcast based net-radio system, using FMOD.
The main problem Ive run into, is the actual mp3 encoding, before shipping the data of to a shoutcast server.

As I cant do output plugins in c#, Im trying to implement an mp3 encoder in a DSP plugin instead, as these get the main output from FMOD.
Im using Lame_enc.dll for the mp3 encoding, and it accepts raw 16-bit PCM data, in a byte array.

My main problem is converting the floating-point data i get from FMOD.
It seems as though im getting the data in 32-bit floating point, and need to get it down to 16-bit’s for writing to the Lame_enc encoder.

Is this correct, or is this not possible when implementing via a DSP plugin?

Any ideas are welcome

Kind Regards

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