I have almost no experience with FMod and I’m trying to understand why the music stream stops playing. The circumstances are the following:

Everything plays fine, I can hear the background music and all the sound effects (players shouting, objects crushing, punch hits and whatnot…) Upon invoking a special attack, many fireballs fall on the scene, which triggers a few more sound effects (like ~20 or so), at which point the background music is canceled and can’t be heard again.

I know this isn’t much information, but I don’t really know where I should start. What kind of more useful information should I provide here so that you can point me possible sources of the problem? Any info to get me started would be much appreciated.

Also please note that like 99% of the time the sounds work perfectly.

Thanks for your time.

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Use channel groups and set the priorty according to the type of sounds so sounds don’t steal each others channels

Place the sounds in the right group.

You can have a priority group for menu sound, main music and speech

Another for important effects (gun fire)

Another for ambient sounds (unimportant effects) (Birds chirping)

You can also check how far the listener is and decide not to play the sound if he is too far the hear it too.

Same for looped sounds, if the listenner is too far, stop the channel and restart it when the listener is close enough.

I dropped my number of channels to an average of 5 playing sounds that way instead of 50.

You may also bump the number of channels available.

And don’t forget to call System::update at the bottom of your game loop

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