28/03/08 4.13.07 – Development release update

  • Added a system callback for when a thread is created, this callback will
    report the name and the ID of the thread.
  • Xbox 360 – Added multichannel XMA support.
  • FSBankEx – Added multichannel XMA support.
  • PS3 – SPU performance improvements due to new GCC Toolchain.

  • Fixed DSPConnection::getLevels from causing a bad memory write.

  • Fixed accuracy of Channel::getPosition with stream playback.
  • Fixed crackling when using System::playDSP and reverb.
  • Fix calling addDSP twice in a row with the same object/parameter causing
    infinite loop.
  • Fix DSP::disconnectAll causing corrupted DSP unit.
  • Fix Channel::getAudibility not taking SoundGroup mute volume into account.
  • Fix crash in second System::init call if first System::init call returned
  • Fix Channel stopping when Channel::addDSP is called.

  • GC/Wii – Fixed file access alignment issue if user file callbacks were used.

  • Mac – Fixed issues with applications using event loops.
  • PS3 – Fixed occasional crackling in DSP Echo filter.

  • On Mac when using the device list changed callback, the user must process the
    application event queue to allow FMOD to detect device list changes.

  • System::setCallback now uses void* for commanddata1 and commanddata2
    parameters instead of unsigned int for 64bit compatibility.
  • PS3 – Now built with GCC Toolchain 4.1.1.


This thread is for discussion / bugreports for the current release.
Download the current release from the front page at http://www.fmod.org

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