I’m using the FMUSIC functions to play a MIDI song multiple times in succession in the course of playing a slide show.

When running in Win95, the first time the song plays after initializing FMOD, it invariably pauses after a few seconds for a few seconds, then picks up again. Some of the instruments are missing.

Later in the show, the code stops and repeats the song, and it plays without interruption and with all instruments.

Under WinNT, the song plays fine the first time, but not at all on subsequent times. (This is where I was getting an addressing exception in other versions of my code. The exception may still be happening, but I forget whether I’ve suppressed the message box.)

The sequence of calls for the first iteration is FMUSIC_OpenSong, FMUSIC_PlaySong. For subsequent iterations, it’s FMUSIC_StopSong, FMUSIC_CloseSong, FMUSIC_OpenSong, FMUSIC_PlaySong.

I’m using fmod 3.5, and letting the player default.

Got a clue? And what’s the proper way to loop a MIDI which may or may not loop naturally?


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