04/04/08 4.14.00 – Stable release

  • Added FMOD_DELAYTYPE_DSPCLOCK_END to Channel::setDelay/getDelay
  • Added ability to specify which port FMOD listens on for connections from
    FMOD Profiler. This is exposed through FMOD_ADVANCEDSETTINGS.
  • Xbox 360 – Reimplement multichannel XMA support to support XMA HAL and
    XMA 2 multichannel streams for lower overhead and better stability.
  • FSBankEx – update mp3 encoder dll version to fix encoding issues.
  • Reduce memory usage of DSP Echo filter.
  • Xbox 360 / PS3 – Speed optimized DSP Echo filter.
  • PS3 – Enable AIFF support.

  • Fixed SoundGroup with FMOD_SOUNDGROUP_BEHAVIOR_MUTE behaviour, and
    FMOD_INIT_VOL0_BECOMES_VIRTUAL used, not going virtual immediately, but only
    after moving the 3d source or listener.

  • Fixed MIDI notes sometimes getting suck on (sustain forever).
  • Fixed crash when using FMOD_INIT_ENABLE_PROFILE with large DSP networks.
  • Fixed System::setAmbientReverbProperties not enabling reverb before a
    createReverb call.
  • PS3 – Fixed DSP Echo filter not working on 8 channels.
  • Mac – Fixed init failure on certain recording devices such as the
    iSight camera.
  • FSBankEx – Fixed crash when using MP2/MP3 compression with small files


  • PS3 – Name SPURS taskset to "FMOD".

This thread is for discussion / bugreports for the current release.
Download the current release from the front page at http://www.fmod.org

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Just a note here, is it possible that when you merge your development and stable branches that you write up all the changes between stable branches (even in just this topic)? It’s rather annoying having to span all the dev revision logs to figure out all the sudden differences between the last stable build and this one (especially when you change things multiple times during the development branch cycle).


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The docs were implemented but a typo made the doc script leave it out.

The line should say

‘connection’ A pointer to the connection involved between the System DSP head and the specified dsp unit. Optional. Specify 0 or NULL to ignore.

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