This is a cumulative release including all updates from 4.13


11/04/08 4.15.00 update

  • Added 4.1 and 6.1 pan modes to surround pan dialog, to allow panning
    without center speaker being involved.

  • Fixed network tweaking crash between Windows and Mac.

  • Fixed 3D Pan effect to be relative to the Event 3D Pan level


04/04/08 4.15.00

  • Enabled network profiling in fmod_musicplayer
  • "Open in external editor" now works with multiple select
  • Added "All platforms" checkbox to waveform quality slider
  • Added new tab providing profiler functionality, this is the same feature set
    as the standalone FMOD Profiler application provided with the FMOD low level
  • Added interactive music tab
  • Added fmod_musicplayer application
  • Added the "-t" argument (specify template file) to fmod_designercl.exe
  • Added the "-T" argument (apply templates) to fmod_designercl.exe
  • Added "RoughSequence" event to example project
  • Added support for network auditioning to FMOD Event Player
  • Added cue "Begin/End" and "Prompt" buttons to FMOD Music Player
  • Added parameter sliders to FMOD Music Player
  • Added persistent "All platforms" state for sound bank waveform quality
  • The wave bank "Adjust sample rate optimization" slider now goes up to 1000%

  • Fixed a crash when editing link properties due to bad cleanup in file load

  • Fixed theme timeouts not being written to FDP
  • Fixed cursor jumping to the end when editing text in the interactive music tab
  • Fixed broken sample length caching for nonexistent files
  • Fixed crashes due to improper initialisation in command-line mode
  • Fixed project merging to leave music data unchanged for the time being
  • Fixed crashes in the Surround Pan dialog when a Reverb Level, Reverb Balance
    or Pan effect was present
  • Builds that fail due to missing wave files no longer produce an incomplete FEV
  • Fixed a crash when selecting a soundbank after dragging a music system
    waveform from one soundbank to another
  • Fixed waveform "Open in external editor" sometimes not working
  • Fixed auditioning of empty/zero-length segments
  • Fixed network tweaking category volume/pitch
  • Fixed a crash when moving sounds in layers if the parameter max distance is
    too large relative to the ruler spacing
  • Wave banks are now left out of the BuildFiles macro if they are empty
  • Fixed event player crash when attempting to play unrecognised fsb format
  • Fixed the autopitch feature to use the layer’s control parameter instead of
    the event’s primary parameter
  • Fixed "Reverb Wet Level" not working for templates
  • Fixed network auditioning in nameless mode
  • Fixed number formatting in the condition editor to avoid scientific notation
  • Changes made to the project from the music tab will now prompt the user to
    save on exit
  • Fixed waveforms with windows network path (\blah) causing build to fail

  • .FEV file format updated! FMOD Designer 4.13.05 requires FMOD version 4.13.05,
    4.12.05 or higher.

  • .FEV file format updated! FMOD Designer 4.13.06 requires FMOD version 4.13.06,
    4.12.06 or higher.

This thread is for discussion / bugreports for the current release.
Download the current release from the front page at http://www.fmod.org

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