I have only ever used FMOD to play simple sounds before, but i need to make a software crossover. It needs to:

  • Be able to choose the input (which soundcard)
  • Split the sound by frequency into 3 different channels
  • Output these channels to separate jacks on a different soundcard.

I dont want to spend hours and hours playing to find i am barking up the wrong tree with FMOD.


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Just guessing here, but I think you could have:

2 systems (one for each soundcard)
System 1: Capture the sound, process it, store the 3 sounds in memory
System 2: Take the 3 sounds, and feed them out, probably using either DSP, or a programmer sound?

You’d need some kind of locking mechanism between the buffers to stop partial read/write issues.

But it doesn’t seem 100% impossible.

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