Hi… I tried my reverb test in my study, and I got a big problem.
When I play my test, there is some noise all the time…

My DSP_ReverbCallback() is the same as the DSP example in the tutorial,
there is something different that my REVERB_NUMTAPS is usually above 150, and the delay time of DSP_ReverbTap[REVERB_NUMTAPS] are usually very close (difference: <1ms).
(There is many reflections in my test.)

sound file:
[url=http://homepage.ttu.edu.tw/g9406044/problem.wav:1n5xi412]problem[/url:1n5xi412] (760KB)
[url=http://homepage.ttu.edu.tw/g9406044/original.wav:1n5xi412]original[/url:1n5xi412] (759KB)

Where is wrong?
(I am sure that the priorities of all DSP unit is current.)
Is somewhere overflow?

Thank you very much!!

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maybe you are not keeping your data inbetween -32768 and +32767

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I have checked the buffer before and after mixing,
and there is no data out of range.

Then,I found that in what kind of situation it will happen.
If I set the delay time of the Reverb DSP units regular (interval=1ms),
I will get this kind of the noise.

I change the Reverb DSP example in FMOD tutorial to show the case simply…
here is the file:
[url=http://homepage.ttu.edu.tw/g9406044/Reverb.zip:ll5k7329]Reverb.zip[/url:ll5k7329] (858KB)

Why does the noise appear?
Where is wrong!?

Thank you again!!

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