Hi all,

I have been attempting to implement some nice sounding reverbs in our game using a "reverb.fdp" project to store a variety of reverbs, which get called’ when the player walks inside a pre-defined reverb zone.

The problem I am having is that when I test the reverb definitions in a dummy project with the exact same definition values (I test them all with our in game footsteps events, some dialogue, and gunshots) they sound great. I have a distance parameter on these events so I can get an idea of how distance will affect these sounds also.

When I test them in game, they often sound much more dry then I expect. Its quite frustrating as I spent a lot of time tweaking each definition (the values to edit for reverbs are bizarre – coming from a film background, I was flummoxed for a long time trying to understand what they all did, but eventually got it, somewhat).

I have been using room size as a kind of "wet/dry" parameter. Is this correct? Should I just up this for each definition, even though it will sound terrible in my dummy project, and hope that everything will be ok in game? (of course I will test it also in game, but have no RTU control over these parameters, so dummying up a project was my only option.

What do the experts think?

Thanks very much for any insight offered

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