I need your help
Recently i was faced with a problem: I need to write something like a simple sound editor using
the FMOD library. Almost everything i need is provided by that: playing music (mp3) file
in a realtime, FFT (also realtime) and so on. However, also a non-realtime processing of the
music file is needed. As far as I’ve understood from the docs, FMOD extracts (i.e. decodes)
an mp3 file to the memory, before playing it (after calling FSOUND_sample_load). But the
processing, i want to do on the file (i think, i could apply it to the data that is pointed
via returned pointer) i can’t perform as long as i don’t know the format the data is stored
I asked in dozens of forums and discovered that no one knows it also :(. You do not
provide sources with Linux version, but maybe you can tell me just that storing format?
Or maybe there are any other ways to process data, using documented functions?
(I have to provide some filtration with my own algorithm)

If there’s no way, maybe you can suggest some other library (freeware)? However, yours
is the most convenient :)
Thanks a lot for any reply

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fmod isnt the best system to use for a sound editor. It can load all your file formats which you could use it for, but to display it and edit it, you should use FSOUND_Sample_Lock to get the data, then copy the raw PCM information into your own buffer. (you will probably need to resize the buffer which you can’t do with an fmod sample).

Next to apply effects, go to http://www.musicdsp.org or http://www.harmonycentral.com to find some dsp code, and process the raw pcm yourself.

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