Hello, here I am with a new question-:)

I created a simple event with two layers.
One layer contains a 5.1 ambient file, the other a number of incidental
short music pieces, in Stereo. They will be triggered randomly and are complementary to the ambient. In other words: the ambient keeps looping, sometimes a short theme is triggered.

By activating the surround speakers in the Event tab, I get the 5.1 ambient sounding right. But this forces the stereo music to all speakers as well, while I want the music coming just from the front speakers.

This probably means I should create a separate event for the Stereo music, and set all surround speakers to -60, correct?

Or is there a way to do this?

I also tried it as Interactive Music, where it works fine when auditioning
in FMod Designer. Ambient sounds 5.1, Music is stereo.
But when I build it and play it in FMod Music player, I hear no surround.
Am I correct in assuming Music Player not supporting surround files?

Ah… I meant this time to keep it short, seems it became another lengthy
mail again…

Big thanks in advance!


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Check out the Surround Pan effect.

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IIRC, the surround pan effect will mix a stereo sound down to mono and then pan the mono signal to a specific point in the surround field. Probably not the desired result in this case.


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