30/05/08 4.15.06

  • Update for API release

22/05/08 4.15.05

  • FMOD Designer and FMOD Event Player now work with 16 channel files

This thread is for discussion / bugreports for the current release.
Download the current release from the front page at http://www.fmod.org

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I may be crazy here, but I downloaded the 4.15.06 version from the download page, but it really seems like its the 4.15.05 version.



                    REVISION HISTORY : FMOD Designer
         Copyright (c) Firelight Technologies, Pty, Ltd, 2004-2008

          + Added feature or noticable improvement
          - Bug fix or something removed
          * Changed or Information

! Important!

22/05/08 4.15.05

  • FMOD Designer and FMOD Event Player now work with 16 channel files [/quote:17bnayw6]

Its 4.15.05 in the about box.

All the output files I’ve checked are stamped with 4.14.05…!

Anyone else having this problem?

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Bug report:

Select any value that can be controlled with a slider (e.g. event volume). Click on the slider bar. The slider bar is now controllable using the up and down arrows on the keyboard – except up and down are reversed. Pressing the up arrow decreases the slider value, and vice versa.

Not a bug, but a suggestion: it would be nice if editable values were quantised sensibly. e.g. volume values are displayed accurate to two decimal places, but by using the arrow keys to increase and decrease values you can see that under the hood the quantisation value is much smaller (it takes several key presses to make a change appear in the displayed number). Other values, like 3D Doppler Factor and 3D Pan level, are displayed accurate to lots of decimal places (as many as 6!). It would make sense not to display this level of accuracy to the user, since the editable accuracy is somewhat determined by the size and scale of the slider. Values can be typed in, but showing the slider then conforms the typed value to the closest value the slider can represent. So if I type in a 3D Doppler Factor of 0.1, then click the little button that brings up the slider, the value is set to zero since that’s the closest value available on the slider.

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