Hi everybody,

First of all, please forgive me for my very bad English, (I’m French).
I use FMod with Delphi (in remplacement of XAudio).

I have a problem.
I’m making a soft which crosfade two MP3 files. To do this, I load the two MP3s, i play the first, and then the second.
It works all right. But, after 10 or more song played, there is no more sound output.
I think it’s a problem of full channels.

Here is my code :

FSOUND_StreamClose(flux2) ;

flux1 := FSOUND_stream_OpenFile (PChar(fichier1), FSOUND_NORMAL, 0) ;
cannal1 := FSOUND_Stream_Play (FSOUND_Free, flux1) ;

// here is my code for the crossfade

flux2 := FSOUND_stream_OpenFile (PChar(fichier2), FSOUND_NORMAL, 0) ;
cannal2 := FSOUND_Stream_Play (FSOUND_Free, flux2) ;

FSOUND_StreamClose (flux1) ;

This code is in a loop.
Thanks a lot.

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You close flux2 before loading it ??
i would do a crossfade this way : load the two songs, when the first song reached the end, in a loop, i would reduce progressivly it’s volume to zero and increase the volume of the second one.

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It is what i do.
Yes, I close flux2. And flux1 too.

I don’t understand.

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