24/06/08 4.17.03 – Development release update

  • Fix Geometry::release not resetting occlusion values if it was the last
    object to be released.
  • Fix heavy stall in Channel::setPosition or FMOD_EVENTPROPERTY_TIMEOFFSET
    introduced in 4.17.02 due to change in mp2/mp3 chirp/crash fix.

  • Windows – fix crash on init if ASIO output was selected. Introduced in
    4.17.01 with "System::init() will now report FMOD_ERR_INITIALIZED" change.


20/06/08 4.17.02 – Development release update

  • PSP – Added FMOD_PSP_ChangeOutputMode function to fmodpsp.h to allow switching
    of output mode from Simple Audio to libWave and vice versa on the fly.

  • Fixed a memory corruption when loading an FSB with named syncpoints.

  • MP2/Mp3 – Fixed extremely rare crash or ‘chirp’ based on combination of
    source data, and seeking, which made the mpeg decoder think a frame was
    mp2 when it was actually mp3, purely by chance on a random section of bits.
  • Fixed Channel::setSpeakerMix with FMOD_SPEAKERMODE_PROLOGIC, not positioning
    stereo sounds loaded in the rear speakers properly.
  • Fixed loop points point ignored in FSB streams.
  • Fixed mp2/mp3 banks cutting the end off sounds if they are not looping.
  • Fixed mp2/mp3 banks changing pitch of small sounds if they are not looping.

  • Event API – Fixed freeEventData sometimes always returning FMOD_ERR_NOTREADY

  • Event API – Fixed streams sometimes not playing in simple events
  • Event API – Fixed various issues with simple events

  • FSBankEx – fix FSBANK_BUILD_DONTLOOPMEG buildflag not being allowed to be
    specified as a per waveform option.

  • Win – WASAPI – Changed the way the Vista output mode interacts with the
    hardware to reduce stuttering.

  • Xbox360 – Fix file read error seeking in old multichannel XMA files.
  • PS3 – Fix audio stuttering when number of dsp buffers is set to a non-default
    value that doesn’t divide into 8.

This thread is for discussion / bugreports for the current release.
Download the current release from the front page at http://www.fmod.org

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