While the CD is playing a track I try to get it’s length and time. All I get back is zero.

Pseudo Example:

FSOUND_Init(44100, 32, 0); // returns TRUE
FSOUND_CD_Play(‘d’, 1); // returns TRUE
FSOUND_CD_GetTrackTime(‘d’); // returns 0
FSOUND_CD_GetTrackLength(‘d’, 1); // returns 0

The CD is playing Track 1, however, I will not give me the time, or length of Track 1.

Does anyone know why? and if so who to get around this, or if I am doing something wrong?

I know that the remarks for FSOUND_CD_GetTrackTime say that this could take a LONG time to return, however it is not even doing that. It returns right away.

Also a note, on this, if FSOUND_CD_GetTrackTime really behaves like the remarks say, then the CD functions in general are rather useless. In my opinion it is rather important to be able to let the user know how much time has played so far, it is a standard feature in every CD Player I have every send (software or hardware). I have seen MCI CD Players that work fine, so it can not be because of MCI as the remarks state. I have not tested this on Linux yet, but it does not specify that this problem exists or does not exist on Linux.

However this is really a whole other issue from the one I am asking in the begining.

Thanks for any help anyone can provide…


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Thanks that fixed that problem with getting the time and length.

I look forward to FMOD 3.6 release.

Thanks again,


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