I need help setting volume, I have the command but I dont know the maximum for volume.

its Type volume as Single.

Public Declare Function FMOD_Sound_SetMusicChannelVolume Lib "fmodex.dll" (ByVal Sound As Long, ByVal channel As Long, ByVal volume As Single)

so I have

FMOD_Sound_SetMusicChannelVolume(SongLoaded, channel, ???) I dont know what number to put in for volume, I want to set it up as a percentage in my app, 100% being the maximum obviously.

could anybody help?

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From the documentation:

[code:1nzp7rrr]FMOD_RESULT Channel::setVolume(
float volume



A linear volume level, from 0.0 to 1.0 inclusive. 0.0 = silent, 1.0 = full volume. Default = 1.0.

You should find "fmodex.chm" in the dcoumentation folder where you installed fmod.

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