I’ve been searching the forums as I had half convinced myself I’d seen this come up somewhere, but can’t find anything so here goes.

Is there any way to open/query an FSB file and determine if it is a streaming wavebank?

Initially our code would just load the FEV file and use LoadEventData(), overriding all of the file callbacks. However, we found that when we ran our game off disc (especially on consoles), our main loading system was busy loading the game data but the file callbacks would very frequently interrupt this (with a lot of seeks and small reads) and the disc performance suffered very badly.

We already support loading and registering an FSB from memory, and I am tying this support into our FEV loading which now compiles a list of dependent FSBs from the FMOD_EVENT_INFO data obtained from a FEV’s events. Our code now automatically handles loading of these FSBs using our main loading system and so avoids the FMOD file callbacks altogether.

However, I obviously don’t wish to load any streaming FSBs into memory this way, but I can’t see any way that I can determine if an FSB is marked as streaming.

Or am I going down a bad route here?

Any advice appreciated.

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