I’m trying to get fmod to work on Mac os X 10.5 (Leopard I think).

I want to be able to compile my program using the command line, gcc.

To install fmod I copied everything from api/inc to /usr/local/include and api/lib/libfmod.a to /usr/local/lib

Then I try to compile the program using:
gcc main.c -lfmod -framework Cocoa

I get these errors:
[quote:l1ts5y70]ld warning: in /usr/local/lib/libfmod.a, [code:l1ts5y70]file is not of required architecture[/code:l1ts5y70]
Undefined symbols:
"_FMUSIC_PlaySong", referenced from:
_main in ccCkGMbX.o
"_FMUSIC_GetNumSamples", referenced from:
_main in ccCkGMbX.o
followed by a long list of functions.

I receive the same error when I run make on any of the examples.

Anyone know how to fix this problem ?


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