I’m using LCC on Win32 platform. When I invoke FMOD functions in my program, I get an error message: "The procedure entry point (fmod function) could not be located in the dynamic link library fmod.dll".

This is how I set up my project:
– Downloaded the final FMOD 3.75 release.
– Added fmod.h and the other files in /api/inc to C:/lcc/include.
– Added fmodlcc.lib to C:/lcc/lib.
– Copied fmod.dll into the directory of my project’s executable.
– Inluded <fmod.h> in my C program.
– Added fmodlcc.lib to the link options.
– Compiled and linked with no errors.

The identical problem is described in this post from February which was never resolved: … hlight=lcc

I checked my hard drive for older version of fmod.dll but didn’t find any.

I also tried building the fmodlcc.lib file myself, using
[i:3btxz1e3]pedump /exp fmod.dll > fmod.exp[/i:3btxz1e3]
– then –
[i:3btxz1e3]buildlib fmod.exp fmodlcc.lib[/i:3btxz1e3]
but it didn’t fix the problem.

Any suggestions?

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Also, does anybody know if there is anywhere I can download previous versions of fmod? I’m curious if my problem might disappear if I use an older version of fmod.

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I managed to solve my problem. For the benefit of future users who encounter the same problem, here is my solution.

Other forum posts recommend rebuilding the LCC library by executing:

pedump /exp fmod.dll > temp.exp
buildlib temp.exp fmodlcc.lib

However, this did not work for me. What DID work was executing:

pedump /exp fmodvc.lib > temp.exp
buildlib temp.exp fmodlcc.lib

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