25/08/08 4.19.00 – Development branch release

  • Event API – Add preLoadFSB/unLoadFSB.
    This replaces registerMemoryFSB/unregisterMemoryFSB. Instead of passing
    just a memory block, you now pass an FMOD::Sound pointer. This still allows
    you to use preloaded memory blocks, you just have to first create a sound
    with FMOD_OPENMEMORY_POINT. New functionality – preload FSBs from disk,
    and preload FSBs into secondary ram such as SPU2 memory on Playstation 2.
  • Add priority parameter to System::createCodec and System::loadPlugin

  • PS2 – Significant speed improvement streaming vag FSB files.

  • PS2 – Enable FMOD_SOUND_FORMAT_VAG support for user created sounds.

  • Fix rare stream hang when stopping and starting same stream.

  • Reverb – fix crash when freeing events or channelgroups that had reverb
    pointing to it.
  • Fix Sound::getMusicNumChannels returning incorrect count for MIDI.
  • Fix Sound::getOpenState not returning FMOD_OPENSTATE_SEEKING after calling
    Channel::setPosition on a non blocking stream.

  • PS2 – Re-Fix ‘semaphore count overflow’ hang.

  • PS3 – RSX delay now happens when using RSX allocation callbacks or
    FMOD_OPENMEMORY_POINT to RSX memory, not just when an RSX pool is
    passed in through extradriverdata.
  • PS2 – Fix small memory leak on System::release.
  • Wii – Fix silence or corrupt sound in software pitch shift effect when
    FMOD_DSP_PITCHSHIFT_FFTSIZE is set to a value greater than 1024.

  • Event API – Remove registerMemoryFSB/unregisterMemoryFSB.

  • Event API – Fix crash in EventParameter::setValue.
  • Event api – fix Event::setPaused not pausing time parameters.
  • Event API – Fix Event::getNumProperties giving bad value for simple events
  • Event API – Fix FMOD_EVENT_ERROR_ON_DISKACCESS not failing properly when
    loading samples with FMOD_EVENT_NONBLOCKING
  • Event API – Fix events not loading with FMOD_EVENT_NONBLOCKING
    after an FMOD_ERR_FILE_UNWANTED is encountered
  • Event API – Fix music system blocking when releasing streams

  • Change Plugin API to use handles instead of indicies and priority has been added.
    The following functions have had parameter changes or name changes.
    System::loadPlugin (now takes handle not index, also has priority parameter)
    System::unloadPlugin (now takes handle not index)
    System::getPluginHandle (new, use old index to get new handle)
    System::getPluginInfo (now takes handle not index, returns plugin type)
    System::setOutputByPlugin (now takes handle not index)
    System::getOutputByPlugin (now takes handle not index)
    System::createDSPByPlugin (used to be System::createDSPByIndex)
    System::createCodec (now has extra ‘priority’ parameter)

This thread is for discussion / bugreports for the current release.
Download the current release from the front page at http://www.fmod.org

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