I have an mp3 with spoken text. Between the text there are "silences". They have a length of about 3s. So it will be more or less easy to detect these "silence parts", I suppose.

So the mp3 looks like this:
text1 [silence 2-3s] text2 [silence 2-3s] text 3 [silence 2-3s] …

I want to cut the text1, text2, text3, … and save those in new mp3 files à la text1.mp3, text2.mp3, text3.mp3, …

So how shall I do it?
To detect the silences:
Is there a function which loops through the audio? And then another function which gets the volume of the "current Position" (of the loop)?

To copy and save the text into a new mp3 files: What functions will help me to do this?

I hope you can help me. 😀

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