I’ve just downloaded the v3.6 sdk and I’ve checked the fmod.bas a bit and it seems there are some mistakes in it :

FSOUND_GetMemoryStats should be :
[code:1rt6gd1s]Public Declare Sub FSOUND_GetMemoryStats Lib "fmod.dll" Alias "_FSOUND_GetMemoryStats@8" (ByRef currentalloced As Long, ByRef maxalloced As Long)[/code:1rt6gd1s]

The File Streaming functions info should be remarked ( /* and */ don’t remark in vb :) )

In one of the last functions, i’ve added :
[code:1rt6gd1s]Case FMOD_ERR_CDDEVICE: FSOUND_GetErrorString = “An error occured trying to open the specified CD device”[/code:1rt6gd1s]

I’ve also added :
[code:1rt6gd1s]Public Declare Function FSOUND_Stream_OpenFile2 Lib “fmod.dll” Alias “_FSOUND_Stream_OpenFile@12” (ByRef Data As Byte, ByVal mode As FSOUND_MODES, ByVal memlength As Long) As Long
Which is sort of an override for OpenFile that makes it easier to pass a byte array for use with FSOUND_LOADMEMORY.

These are the problems I’ve found currently, now I’ll try if everything else works fine :)

[edit]In the manual, FSOUND_GetCurrentLevels it says ‘Levels are [b:1rt6gd1s]are[/b:1rt6gd1s] only supported for software channels'[/edit]

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Going through Revision.txt, I have found that FSOUND_Sample_SetMaxPlaybacks is missing from the Delphi unit.

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