22/09/08 4.19.04 – Development branch release

  • Fixed hang when releasing an FSB stream which contains sync points.
  • Fixed distortion/buzzing coming from FMOD_DSP_LOWPASS_SIMPLE’s last two channels
    when it is processing in 8 channel mode. (ie side left/side right when in
  • Fixed virtual channels not resetting their reverb properties when stoped, this can
    cause a crash under certain circumstances.

  • Win – WASAPI – Fixed crash when output has more than 2 channels at certain
    sample rates.

  • Mac – fixed getDSPBufferSize, it now reports the correct value (which is
    determined by the CoreAudio output mode).
  • PS3/Xbox360/Mac/Linux – Fixed garbled sound when calling Channel::setSpeakerLevels
    introduced in last release.
  • PS3/Xbox360/Mac/Linux – Fixed memory overwrite crash when using multichannel 3d
    sounds introduced in last release.
  • PSP – Fixed Channel::setVolume having no effect after Channel::setPan is called
    on a channel that has had is volume set to 0. This also caused volume issues
    with channelgroups.
  • PS2 – fix mistake in ps2 semaphore overflow fix from 4.19.00

  • Event API – Fix automatic "(distance)" parameter not working when more than
    one event was playing.

  • Event API – Clarified Event::getPropertyInfo documentation

  • Event API – Events with no sounds now return 0 for FMOD_EVENT_INFO.lengthms

This thread is for discussion / bugreports for the current release.
Download the current release from the front page at http://www.fmod.org

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