Hello alls.

Im not sure that this is the good place to post my experiences, but it seems like i have to ask you about, what the hell is going on in fmod’s engine?!

I got an EMU (1212m) sound card + windows xp sp2 (latest updates). I got two games both uses fmod for sound engine (crysis uses fmod4.7.23, zuonline uses 3.73).

Because im not satisfied by the music of games, i recently start winamp (by using its own directsound output) then i start the game, so i can hear both winamp and game sounds. Think its normal as long as dsound can handle multiple clients.

My problem is occur when i switch between tasks while fmod is active. As soon as its parent app (the game) loses the focus, (so i press alt+tab for example) fmod not just mutes the audio from the game, but it mutes all directsound also!!! I also CANT hear any voice from other apps (like movie players, browser integrated music/movie players) i just get completely silence! I also get silence from any kind of new instances… (except hardware asio but it doesnt count atm)

But, when i switch back to the game, (so fmod get the focus again) all are back to ‘normal’, i can hear winamp, but i also can hear the new instances that are launched next after the game..

So.. I made some experiment and found out that the problem MUST be fmod. Because i only experienced in VB i can post u my init i did.

result = FMOD_System_Init(system, 32, FMOD_INIT_NORMAL, Me.Hwnd)

Dang, as soon as this form losing focus ALL audio is disabled, including winamp, media player, even sound forge that is uses window’s internal waveout device …

By digging more, i found an ASIO output plugin for winamp. But, because only 1 application can hold asio at the same time, i also installed ASIO4ALL (afaik that uses kernel streaming for output). I start playback on winamp, i start my init prog, then i switch between tasks, and it MUTES the asio4all output also!!!!! OMG! I just cant belive….

Nah, seriously… i compared the situation to an another game that uses its own sound engine (not fmod), UT3 for example. If it losing the focus, the game sounds are mute (for sure), but i still CAN HEAR winamp and everything else..

Because this problem is found on games based on fmod engine, i think this must be fixed asap, its getting pretty annoying…

Also, im want to ask you guys, can you (please) give me any kind of some patch or hotfix or any hidden registry patch that sort out this problem here on my pc? :roll: Like… umm… forcing global sound flag, even if a game want to init fmod on its own hwnd!

Thanks for reading me, hope i can get some support here!

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Hi Brett!

Thanks for reply!

You are right! I also got a HP notebook, theres an EMU 0202 usb sound card, theres no problem. I just have no idea why it does on my 1212m, i got this card 2 years ago but i got no any kind of sound issue (so far) except this one. Unfortunately i cant downgrade my emu drivers, because this new one has got some features i use recently…

Could it happen to get any kind of ‘extra’ setting to force any fmod istance to use ‘global sound’, even if a host app want to set it to private? Just like a debug mode.

Or.. just how can i deny fmod to set it to ‘private’ without modifying the parent application (because i cant..)

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Sorry, it sounds like your driver is at fault. FMOD initializes one directsound instance, it doesnt do anything to the other applications and basically cant.
It’s not ‘must be fmod’ because UT3 uses openal not directsound.

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