I have a problem. This is simple code:
fmod_ok bOk; //don’t pay attention – it’s error checking class
int Current, Max;
bOk = FMOD::EventSystem_Create(&eventsystem);
bOk = FMOD::Memory_GetStats(&Current, &Max);
If i start some "hello world" application with these lines of code, Memory_GetStats return the memery state and everything is ok.
But we have a very big game and when i place these lines of code (of course i rememver about lib files) to our game engine, i receive
Current == 0
Max == 0
No one of function fails, they succeed.
What reasons can be? We have overloaded operators new, delete, as well as malloc, free, realloc – may it be the reason? Or what things can affect Memory_GetStats else?
BTW, i can play events and all other stuff – no problems or fails

PS: i tried all cases of Memory_Initialize function. The result is unaffected.

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