Hey gang. I heard an interview from the FMOD gang at the Austin GDC, and after years of meaning to try it out, I’m finally here and ready to check out FMOD.

I can’t get the C# examples that came with FMOD to work, VS2005 just auto-converts them, chokes out on errors, and leaves me kinda ass out. I won’t bother you guys with the errors on the conversions since I saw this post:


where it seems others were having issues with C# tutorials as well. Are we C# users ass-out of luck when it comes to FMOD? I saw it advertised as being compatible with C#.

I’m developing in XNA for Windows only, not XBOX360 and I sure detest the XNA native sound manager XACT and all its related hassle.

I searched around on these forums and google as well for any, ANY tutorials, but all I get is code snippets having to do with actual operations and not setup and implementation. I mean, irrklang has some simple examples for their sound engine:

using IrrKlang;

namespace HelloWorld
class Example
static void Main(string[] args)
// start up the engine
ISoundEngine engine = new ISoundEngine();

 // play a sound file

 // wait until user presses ok to end application
 System.Windows.Forms.MessageBox.Show("Playing, press ok to end.");

} // end main()

} // end class

} // end namespace

All I’m looking for is a place to start, maybe a template solution that I could download and then tinker with from there?

I’d sure appreciate it! (I’m sure other C# folks would too!)

Please don’t leave me to the mercy of XACT. Please?!


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I just opened up the examples with vs2005, auto-converted them and they build and run fine without any problems at all.

I don’t know why you are having problem since you didn’t give any details. It probably won’t make today’s release, but I’ll include the vs2005 examples in next week’s release.

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Thank you sir! I’m looking forward to ’em!

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Man, I was a dummy. The examples convert and work fine, I was just not setting the ‘Set as Startup project’ properly. Awesome, thank you and I’m looking forward to using the library!


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