Haven’t updated the forum in a few versions so here’s the last updates


27/10/08 4.19.09 – Development branch release

  • Fix reverb settings being ignored. Bug introduced in 4.19.08.

  • Fixed oscillator producing incorrect tone when switching to triangle tone.

23/10/08 4.19.08 – Development branch release

  • Wii – SIMD optimised software mixer. resulting in ~15% performance improvement.
  • PS3 – Added ‘spursmode’ member to FMOD_PS3_EXTRADRIVERDATA. This can be set
    to the appropriate FMOD_PS3_SPURSMODE enum to allocate the SPURS task
    with context memory.

  • Fixed an occasional crash in System::update when nonblocking loads are in
    progress and FMOD_INIT_ENABLE_PROFILE is on.

  • Mac / Linux / Solaris – Fixed thread memory not be released when a thread exits.

  • Fixed mono waveforms in MPEG streaming FSBs not being copied to all speakers

  • Event API – Fixed bad reverb behaviour with wet/dry mix cutting in/out
    depending on the type of event it was playing on.

  • Event API – Fixed FEV loads overwriting master category volume and pitch
  • Event API – Fixed events not reporting FMOD_EVENT_STATE_LOADING when loading
    data from non-streaming banks with FMOD_EVENT_NONBLOCKING
  • Event API – Set simple events’ oneshot property to match their sound’s loop
    mode at load time

  • FMOD_REVERB_CHANNELFLAGS_INSTANCE0-3 flags can now be combined to set
    properties for all instances at once if required.

  • Event API – Event::setReverbProperties Room/Direct now scales the event
    property setting from fmod designer rather than overwriting it.

16/10/08 4.19.07 – Development branch release

  • Added getMemoryInfo function to all public classes, both low-level and event
    system. Use this function to get detailed information on the memory usage of
    any FMOD object.
  • Added new public interface file fmod_memoryinfo.h
  • Added FMOD_CHANNEL_CALLBACKTYPE_OCCLUSION. When fmod calculates an occlusion
    value based on geometry, this callback will be triggered to that the user has
    a chance to modify it.
  • PS3 – Add backwards playback support for PCM data.
  • Event API – Added "type" parameter to Event::getPropertyInfo
  • Event API – Added FMOD_EVENT_CALLBACKTYPE_OCCLUSION. This wraps the channel
    version of the callback for events.
  • Event API – Added "type" parameter to Event::getPropertyInfo

  • Fixed noise when playing certain .xm files on big endian platforms.

  • PS2 – fix hang when opening sound after ejecting dvd, or getOpenState staying
    ‘loading’ until the disk was reinserted.

  • Event API – Fixed incorrect ranges on info-only event parameters

  • Event API – Fixed division by zero when calling setValue on parameters with
    maximum range equal to minimum range
  • Event API – Fixed Event::setPropertyByIndex(FMOD_EVENTPROPERTY_REVERBWETLEVEL)
    only affecting reverb instance 0 (now it affects all instances)

  • FMOD_CHANNEL_CALLBACK parameters changed from unsigned int to void * to allow
    better 64bit compatibility.

  • Channel::setCallback changed to remove ‘command’ parameter and per callback
    type callback capability. This isn’t needed and will save memory.
  • Event API – FMOD_EVENT_INFO.memoryused is now deprecated. Use
    Event::getMemoryInfo instead
  • Event API – FMOD_EVENT_SYSTEMINFO.eventmemory, instancememory, dspmemory are
    now deprecated. Use getMemoryInfo functions instead.

9/10/08 4.19.06 – Development branch release

  • Event API – Added FMOD_EVENT_USERDSP flag to tell FMOD that you plan to add
    your own DSP units to an event at runtime.

  • Event API – Added FMOD_EVENT_USERDSP flag to tell FMOD that you plan to add
    your own DSP units to an event at runtime.

  • Fixed floating point divide by zero error when loading certain midi files.

  • Fixed broken embedded loop points in sounds with more than one subsound

  • PS3 – Fixed possible memory leak when too many dsp units are allocated.

2/10/08 4.19.05 – Development branch release

  • PS3 – FMOD now only uses 1 SPURS Task / SPU Thread for both mixing and mpeg
    stream decoding.
  • PS3 – 512k memory saving when using SPURS mode due to context memory no longer
    being needed.
  • Mixer optimizations.

    • Removed dsp node management logic, ps3 now has no code to do with mixer
      executed on PPU.
    • Memory optimizations. Significant memory reductions.
  • Event API – Large memory optimization. Event instances now shed over 500 bytes
    per instance, saving possibly hundreds of kilobytes in a normal game project.

  • Wii – Enable streaming sounds to be played through the WiiMote speaker.

  • Win – Vista (WASAPI) now supports output as mono or stereo when control panel
    is set with a higher number of channels, i.e. quad, 5 point 1, etc.

  • Profiler – Added support for graphing channel and codec usage.

  • Fixed rare hang when playing midi/mod/s3m/xm/it files with frequent DSP network

  • Fixed potential sound corruption with midi/mod/s3m/xm/it files under certain DSP
    network arrangements.
  • Fix small memory leak in System::release if user channelgroups not released

  • PS2 / Wii / PSP – Fix Channel::setSpeakerMix causing audible glitch on stereo
    and above sounds, when volume was supposed to be 0.

  • Fixed distortion/buzzing coming from FMOD_DSP_ITLOWPASS’s last two channels
    when it is processing in 8 channel mode. (ie side left/side right when in
    logged in logging versions of libs by default.

  • Event API – PS2 / Wii / PSP – Fix loadEventData / getEvent sometimes returning

  • Event API – Fixed a crash on some platforms when loading FEVs with music data
  • Event API – Fixed a crash caused by incorrect soundbank reference counting in
    loadEventData/freeEventData on events that use multiple soundbanks
  • Event API – Fixed loadEventData failing to load soundbanks that were
    previously loaded with preloadFSB, then unloaded with unloadFSB
  • Event API – Fixed Event::setPropertyByIndex(FMOD_EVENTPROPERTY_3D_MAXDISTANCE)
    not working correctly for "this_instance" = true
  • Event API – Fixed Event::setPropertyByIndex(FMOD_EVENTPROPERTY_3D_MAXDISTANCE)
    setting bad distance parameter ranges in custom rolloff events
  • Event API – Fixed Event::setPropertyByIndex(FMOD_EVENTPROPERTY_3D_MAXDISTANCE)
    not updating distance parameter effects
  • Event API – Fixed Event::setPropertyByIndex(FMOD_EVENTPROPERTY_3D_MAXDISTANCE)
    wrongly changing distance parameters on non custom rolloff events

  • FSBankEx – Fix crackling when exporting 6 channel files.

  • PS3 – Removed ‘spu_priority_streamer’ and ‘spu_priority_at3’ members from

  • PS3 – ‘spu_priority_mixer’ renamed to ‘spu_thread_priority’ in

This thread is for discussion / bugreports for the current release.
Download the current release from the front page at http://www.fmod.org

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4.20.00 is uploaded btw :)

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