27/10/08 4.19.09

  • Update for API release

23/10/08 4.19.08

  • Set simple events’ oneshot property to match their sound’s loop mode
  • Fixed bad Surround pan effect speaker mode when built with fmod_designercl.exe

16/10/08 4.19.07

  • Update for API release

  • Fixed a crash in "File->New Project" when no project is currently loaded

9/10/08 4.19.06

  • Fixed a crash when applying templates with no parameters

02/10/08 4.19.05

  • Added support for per-project template files
  • Added the "Keep Non-template Effects & Parameters" template property
  • Added support for graphing channel and codec usage in the profiler tab.

  • Fixed a crash when merging projects

  • Waveforms used by the music system are now identified in the wave bank tab

  • Removed the "Template File" setting from the Preferences dialog; template
    file names are now stored in FDP files

  • The "Keep Non-template Effects & Parameters" template property is enabled
    by default, which is different from the old behaviour; disable it if you want
    to remove non-template effects & parameters when applying templates
  • Updated Music Player to use the cue and parameter enumeration API; this means
    header files are not needed for FEVs built with Designer 4.19.00 or greater

This thread is for discussion / bugreports for the current release.
Download the current release from the front page at http://www.fmod.org

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Bug report. I can no longer drag wavs from my source folder directly into the event hierarchy. This used to create the whole event/layer/sound definition structure, all named after the wav filename.

Dragging a wav into the sound definitions list does work, but it now means I have to create the events and layers manually, which is a significant amount of extra work.

This is using 4.19.09 with Vista.

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Confirmed that this is in 4.20.00, too.

Also, FMOD Designer 4.20.00 reports it’s version as 4.19.00.

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[quote="audiodev":3c864kf5]Also, FMOD Designer 4.20.00 reports it’s version as 4.19.00.[/quote:3c864kf5]
I downloaded the latest 4.21.00, and that also says it’s 4.19.00

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