Hello all.

I’m new to fmod and haven’t programmed with c++ in awhile, so please be patient with me.

What I’m currently trying to do is to create essentially an audio "repeater" with a twist. The computer needs to read in a signal through the microphone, then time scale the signal, and then output the signal through the speakers.

The "record" example that comes with API has exactly what I need for the pure repeating nature (taking in data and outputting it right away).

However, I would like to know how I can time scale the signal before I output it. If it helps, the signal I’m working with a baseband communications channel – not looking for some kind of sound. The input sound should sound exactly like noise.

As for the time scaling – I need to be able to either copy a sample or drop a sample in the middle of the stream. As in if the stream were an linked list – to delete an element in the list or duplicate it one after itself.

Example for a time_scale factor of .99 and looking at a frame of 10000 samples, every 100th sample, I need to drop. Making the signal now 9900 samples in length.

Anyone got information that could help me?

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