My sound designers have presented me with a problem where custom falloff curves are the proper solution. They can set the "3D Rolloff" parameter on the events to Custom.

So, first a question:
I just realized that I don’t see where to actually set that falloff curve for these Events with the custom rolloff set. In the low-level API, it’s Channel::set3DCustomRolloff() or Sound::set3DCustomRolloff(). Where is the equivalent for the event system?

I suppose that I could just do Event::getChannelGroup() and then iterate over all the channels recursively, but that seems like a pain. (Also, channels may get started and stopped over the lifetime of an event, so it wouldn’t really work.)

Next, a feature request:
Either way, it would be totally awesome if the sound designers had a falloff curve editor tool built right into the designer tool. Then they could set "Custom" for the falloff curve, and select a curve from their curve presets that they set up. (Or, of course, have an option for "programmer curve".)

So yeah, that would be totally awesome! Of course, if the answer is "no," then I can certainly put together something of my own, but I will need an answer to the question, because I really don’t see where that option is.


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