we’re trying to get events with random spawn time into our game, but are currently facing the problem that they only get played once
– They work in the designer
– They DO NOT work in the eventplayer

What we did was to create an event that:
– had the onshot property set to no

and the sound instance properties set to
– start mode immedeate
– loop mode oneshot

and the SoundDefinition set to
– spawn time [404, 3296]
– maximum spawned sounds 2
– play mode sequentialEventRestart
– volume randomization -20.42
and 8 waveforms in the sound definition

The event gets played once and then the eventFinished callback triggers and the event doesn’t get played anymore
The eventplayer also does play it once and than stops playback of the event

we tested with version 4.19.07 and 4.20.00

any help is welcome :)

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Thanks this was found to be due to the ‘simple events’ optimizaion which saves a lot of memory.

To make it ‘complex’ again just add a dummy parameter and make sure oneshot = no.

The next update will fix this problem, probably out tomorrow as a quick patch release.

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