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I am trying to determine why I occasionally do not hear streaming music playing on the Wii while my event is active.

It is a simple background music track, streaming, looping, one of perhaps 5 other events active at the same time.

It is a relatively hard case to reproduce for us, but about 1 in 20 times, the music never activates, yet the event is still on.

The only indication I get of this is that the event state is (READY | PLAYING), whereas, if the sound is actually heard, it is (PLAYING | CHANNELS_ACTIVE). In this case, the event callback FMOD_EVENT_CALLBACKTYPE_EVENTSTARTED is hit immediately, however the callback FMOD_EVENT_CALLBACKTYPE_SOUNDDEF_START is never hit.

We have ruled out the following causes:
– Loading: The events are loaded non-asynchronously. ‘LOADING’ is not returned in the event state.
– Starving: The event never returns ‘STARVING’, and we are able to play up to 10 streams at once without a hiccup in a separate test.
– Waiting for Parameter Trigger: The music events have no triggers or parameters, just a single wav track.
– Does not appear to be a specific track or instance, but rather a uniform 5% chance of happening in any music track.

So… why would an event be in a ‘READY’ state, but not ‘CHANNELS_ACTIVE’, when there is no other indication of an error?

Thanks for any clues –

  • Kevin
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