I’m getting some strange errors when using FSOUND_NONBLOCKING.

I open 2 streams : one in HW2D and one in HW3D, as well as FORCE_MONO’ed.

I open them both with FSOUND_NONBLOCKING, they return no errors, then I wait until they are ready.
When they are ready, I play them both with FSOUND_Stream_PlayEx, and they both return a channel number.

The problem is that sometimes (not always, and a lot more on one pc then on the other) the second (the hw3d stream) doesn’t actually play (you can’t hear it, and the number of channels in use doesn’t increase).
When I load the same song in the same way again the problem is solved most of the time.

The two streams are loaded from memory. I don’t really think the loading of the first stream (HW2D) which always plays fine changes anything to the problem, but I’m just mentioning it because I haven’t tried withouth that one yet.

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