I’m totally new to FMod and seem to be stuck with an extremely basic task: Using setPosition to skip the playback head to another part of the sound file.

I’m using the following to play a sound:
[code:e5ibhac6] FMOD::System *mysystem;
FMOD::Sound *sound;
FMOD::Channel *channel;
char file[MAX_PATH]="c:\output.wav";

result = FMOD::System_Create(&mysystem);
result = mysystem->init(100, FMOD_INIT_NORMAL, 0);
result = mysystem->createSound(file, FMOD_SOFTWARE, 0, &sound);
result = mysystem->playSound(FMOD_CHANNEL_FREE , sound, true, &channel);[/code:e5ibhac6]

The following is executed everytime the playhead is dragged to another location on the timeline.
[code:e5ibhac6] resultSP = channel->setPosition(secs, FMOD_TIMEUNIT_MS);
result = channel->setPaused(false);[/code:e5ibhac6]

The above makes the sound file play to wherever the playhead is positioned initially and this works fine, so I can start the playback from any location. But every subsequent dragging event returns FMOD_ERR_INVALID_HANDLE for resultSP.

I can’t figure out why the code works the very first time and not again. I’m obviously missing something. Any help appreciated.

Edit: Just thought I’d mention that ‘secs’ (in setPosition) is actually a value in milliseconds

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The invalid handle error is common. It means that the channel handle was invalidated: either channel->stop() was called or that channel was stolen. If this is expected you can just add
[code:52a3i166]if (resultSP == FMOD_ERR_INVALID_HANDLE)
result = mysystem->playSound(FMOD_CHANNEL_FREE , sound, true, &channel);[/code:52a3i166]


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Thanks for that :)

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