Hi to all,
I still don’t understand the format of the raw sample.
First: a sample is a channel? Or in 1 sample there is stored the information of the 2 channel?

It’s so:
1 sample = 32 bits [first 16 bits for the R channel and second 16 bits for the L channel]? TOTAL 32 bits


1 sample = 1 channel? For example32 bits for only the L channel and another sample for the R channel?

Please someone can clarify this to me?


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The most logical way to think about it is like this (not all applications work this way, though):

  • a sample has a number of bits, typically 16 or 24.
  • each channel is a stream of samples
  • channels are mostly interleaved into frames.
  • a frame has one sample for each channel.

the terms "sample rate" and "frame rate" are the same thing. ie: sample rate means the rate of samples per channel.

What you say above could be described as:

1 frame = 32 bits, 16 bits for each channel
1 sample = 16 bits

I find it always best to think clearly in frames and samples to avoid confusion.

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