I’ve just installed a newer version of FMOD, upgrading from 4.20.1 to 4.22.02, however now my version check assertions keep being triggered.

FMOD::System * l_system;
Core::uInt version;
l_system->getVersion( &version );
ASSERT( version >= FMOD_VERSION, "You are using an old version of FMOD %08x. This program requires %08x\n", version, FMOD_VERSION );

Outputting the following in the TTY
[quote:2z4ovy6t]/Users/kaluriel/Documents/Runestone/Athena/Audio/Manager.cpp(63): You are using an old version of FMOD 00042001. This program requires 00042202[/quote:2z4ovy6t]

From what I can tell it would appear that the compiled library hasn’t changed but the headers have. So I deleted the FMOD API folder from the /developer/ folder, and reinstalled, however I still get the same problem.

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