I am REALLY new to C++ and im using Visual Express 2008 to code my programs. I am only trying to make a console based text game but i wanted to include some music (keygen music :)) which is an .xm file. I was told that FMOD is a good sound system for C++ but i really cannot figure it out.

Can somebody please tell me, right from the moment of download exactly what to do to get my music working. I think its FMOD 3 programmers download.

This is the extract from the code im using which will initialize the music:
[code:2t4ykzj1]int main()
SOUND_Init (44100, 32, 0);
FMUSIC_SetMasterVolume (handle, 256);
FMUSIC_SetLooping (handle, true);

The 3 main problems i see is i have no fmod.h header, i dont know how to include it within the main.cpp file, and i think there should be a lib but i have no idea how to import / use it, and finally a .dll which i dont know how to use. I also want to know where to put the music file.

All comments appreciated,


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