I am making my own media player (audio only) and I have read that fmod ex plays asf and wma.

I have found an audio stream that I can’t get to play (even with the examples like netstream and playlist)
It is quite a complicated audiostream, because you have to dig deep to get to the correct url.

It starts with, which is a playlist consisting of 2 streams: one ([url:2cfbxgcn][/url:2cfbxgcn]) is some preliminary advertisement, and plays correctly
the other one ([url:2cfbxgcn][/url:2cfbxgcn]) gives me FMOD error! (25) Unsupported file or audio format, which could be right, because winamp can’t make heads or tails of it.

if you open this file in notepad then it gives 2 links:

neither of them plays in netstream, nor in winamp.

If I open the first link ([url:2cfbxgcn][/url:2cfbxgcn]) in winamp, it somehow (after the advertisement) gets to a stream with this url: [url:2cfbxgcn][/url:2cfbxgcn]

And that is the stream winamp plays, but netstream doesn’t.

I am testing this with fmod ex version 4.22.3.

Can you shed some light on this? Am I missing some vital trick to play this stream, or is this particular stream not (yet) supported?


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