I’m a newbie and could do with a few pointers to help get started.

I’ve followed the instructions detailed here: but am running into to compiler link errors when trying to build my project.

Example error:

"_AudioUnitUninitialize", referenced from:
FMOD::OutputCoreAudio::close() in libfmodexL_iphonesimulator.a(fmod_output_coreaudio.o)
FMOD::OutputCoreAudio::recordStop(FMOD::FMOD_RECORDING_INFO*) in libfmodexL_iphonesimulator.a(fmod_output_coreaudio.o)

Can anyone offer any advice on how to correct this? or perhaps point me towards a good tutorial?


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Your best starting place is to look in the examples directory of the FMOD iPhone SDK. We have a lot of different examples that show how to use FMOD, you could copy any of these to resolve any linking issue you may have.

From the look of your error you are missing either the CoreAudio or AudioToolbox framework. If you open up one of the examples you will see in the Libraries folder in Xcode the frameworks you must link to for FMOD to work.

If you have any further issues don’t hesitate to ask.

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