I am having some questionable problems using Visual Studio.

Here’s what I’m doing that’s confusing the heck out of me:

-Create new Win32 shell app in VS
-Copy DLLs to working/debug/release directories
-#pragma in the library fmodex_vc.lib
-#include <fmod.hpp> (I added the FMOD lib and inc directories to C++ project directories in VS options)

All I am actually doing in the code is creating a system pointer for FMOD, and then trying to initialize it. The funny thing is, intellisense works and can read through the libraries and header, and it will prompt me for the right parameters to the CreateSystem function, but when I build it gives me an undeclared identifier error.

Any advice on this? This is one of the more advanced APIs I have ever used in C++, and I’m trying to work FMOD into a small project I’ve been working on. Any help is greatly appreciated!


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Without seeing what errors you are getting the only thing that springs to mind is you need to specify WIN32 as a preprocessor define for the project, normal template apps have this by default but if it’s a clean project it could possibly be missing.

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