I was trying to find a way to get the output levels of a specific speaker. I spent a while trying to find how to do this in the documentation but couldn’t find exactly what I needed. Does anyone know if this functionality exists? Is this possible?

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You can use System::getWaveData to get a snapshot of the currently playing audio. This data is raw interleaved PCM, you can do something like this:


float waveData[size]
getWaveData( &waveData , size, 0 )
float speakerLevel[numspeakers] = {0}; //make sure it’s all zeros or the max function wont work
for( i = 0 to size )
currentspeaker = i % numspeakers
speakerlevel[currentspeaker] = max(speakerlevel[currentspeaker], waveData[i])


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