So i’m trying to control a number of different parameters on one effect and having no luck.
i.e. I have a one layer event with the SFX reverb added, I would like to be able to have one parameter that controls the reflections level and one that controls the reverb decay time… but every time i try and add a new parameter it creates a new layer?
Is there a workaround?


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It’s not a new layer.

You’re seeing the parameter graph for the same layer.

For example, you might have a sound with one layer ‘layer00’ and a sound on it ‘sfx_01’.

Add a parameter. Add an effect: eg volume. Draw a graph.

You see the graph of ‘param00’ and ‘volume’ on ‘layer00’

Add a new parameter ‘param01’.

What you now see is the graph for ‘param01’ – there are no effects assigned to that parameter.

Click on each of the parameter names and you will see the effects associated with that parameter.

In all cases, it’s the same ‘layer00’ with sound ‘sfx_01’ as the sound definition.

Hope that helps,

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